Clients & testimonials

A list of our clients and testimonials

The Living Strategy Lab was a great process to be part of. The preparatory phase challenged me to have some different conversations with potential clients that were beneficial for them as well as me. The process is highly participative and generates creative thinking having established a clear direction of travel. The recording of the outputs was highly visual and usefully visible for monitoring our developing ideas. The group is encouraged to work in small groups for ideas generation and collectively for integrating the work and staying true to the intentions of the Lab. The process was held strongly by Jackie and Rainer to ensure everyone was clear about the steps and what we as participants were accountable for, so that we, the client, owned the content. Within that framework, however, the approaches Rainer and Jackie brought ensured that everyone was involved and brought their ideas into the space. They managed energy levels well and were responsive when difficult issues emerged, allowing constructive conflict and the resolution of differences in the way of the group’s progress. We worked on many different levels including using our physical and intuitive intelligences that enriched our engagement and our collective learning. The process enabled us to gain insights about our strategic direction, how our business model needed to change to deliver our strategy, and helped identify some obstacles to our effectiveness as an organisation. We emerged with individual and collective actions to take the work forward. Ali’s intelligent graphic recording was turned into a presentation for us to disseminate more widely across the business. I look forward to the next stage with the Living Strategy Lab team!

Julia Fell, Future Considerations