Meet the team

Background on who we are

Evolutionary Organisations is a network of consultants who develop how leaders think and act. We bring leading edge approaches and technologies to organisations and are experimenting with new ways of working and of relating to each other in our own organisational system: working in self-organising teams and developing our own currency. We are an eclectic group of people who come from different cultures, countries and professional backgrounds; and we think that’s a major part of our strength. We help people think about the world, their work and their relationships in a different way and then we support them to develop practices to make changes actually happen (at a personal and systemic level). 

Jackie Thoms

My work is finding breakthrough methods and technologies to develop and transform how we think and how we live and work. I work with individuals, teams and organisations across sectors internationally to shift the frame they are working within to bring in fresh paradigms that fit better to their environment so they find momentum and clarity to move forward. I am committed to contributing to the new narratives emerging currently by bringing new frames and perspectives, to land them in the day to day where possible, and to speaking the harder truths when needed. I am highly perceptive and able to access deep truths, which I can often articulate accurately.

Growing up in Scotland, with access to the moors on my doorstep, I developed an ongoing love for being in nature, walking, sailing and skiing. I thrive with meaningful conversations and really good food. Yoga, meditation and engaging with inspiring people who are willing to be generous in their sharing and contribution to life, are the practices that keep me grounded and laughing.

Bodil Biering

Agile practitioner with 10+ years of experience from the software development industry, working in roles ranging from developer, product owner, team lead to CTO; with experience from start-ups, and established companies as well as large pension companies and government administration I have seen a great deal of variety and been in the trenches.
My background in mathematics and computer science means I am comfortable working with complex systems, and in the later years I have been combining the analytical systems thinking with a rising interest in human development and organisational design. I am driven by a wish to help organisations and their people finding that sweet spot where passion and work become one.
If you like titles and certifications, I am a PhD in mathematics, and certified in lean six sigma green belt, spiral dynamics integral, and associate integral coach.

As a person I really enjoy combining playfulness with rigour, fun with substance.
I value integrity, honesty and competency, I like to be concise and to the point, and I have knack for spotting patterns and undercurrents and for creating a non-judgemental, inclusive space where people feel safe and understood.
My base is in Copenhagen, but I enjoy working internationally.

Rainer Frh. v. Leoprechting

Growing up in Trier at the far West of Germany, Europe became my home. After a banker’s training and studies of economics and management in Witten/Herdecke, I worked for 18 years as an official in the European Commission in Brussels. I filled various management functions until I created and lead the in-house consulting service. I worked with various leadership teams on political and strategic as much as administrative and business process issues and leadership questions. Over this period I collected and practiced a range of interventions, structured consulting and coching approaches and an evolved sense for leadership. I introduced a number of self-management, peer-learning and participatory leadership practices in the workings of the EU institution.
In 2012 I left Brussels and the EU and changed my lifestyle to work and live from the Austrian countryside at the Obenaus community farm. I now work with my colleagues to define and deploy living strategies, build the next stages in business and organizing, and help people develop to their next stage of maturity in thinking and acting.

Jeroen Vermeer

Having been born into a family of a nurse and a teacher, I left home going the seemingly opposite direction, becoming a mechanical engineer. Through a career in the shipping industry and having co-owned a shipping line, I have slowly but surely come home again, serving the health and development of others. As an organizational transformation consultant, I most of all use my systemic lens and a healthy sense of the power of ‘not knowing’. This ‘not knowing’ leads me seeking deeper lying truths, thereby discovering new territories for myself and my clients. 
My motto: “Make it personal but don’t take it too serious. Life after all, is just one big play”
I am a father of three beautiful souls, an avid reader of non-fiction books, love to travel,  and aspire to soon finish a triathlon, although the word ‘soon’ is still undefined.